Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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Chesapeake bay retriever –exclusive puppies with pedigree from excellent litter of unrelative lines - USA, GB, NL. Both parents are champions, moreover there are many champions and even world winners in their pedigree, too. All health tests were done recently, HD and ED free, thyroid function is abo ... ve-average. Many years of experience with this wonderful breed. This friendly breed is similar to Labrador retriever. High-standart conditions, reasonable price, puppies grow in clean area and are used to many kinds of noises, people, children, adult big dogs,...Guarantee of health. Only for seriously interested people in this magnificent breed! Feel free to contact us for more information. Our kennel – Libami - comes from the Czech Republic, there is a posibility to drive our puppy to your place. www.libami.cz , e-mail: libami@seznam.cz, linkynclova@gmail.com, +420 777587649

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