Irish Wolfhound puppies

02/28/13 12:28:07 | Oferta | Perros
Irish Wolfhound - Irish Wolfhound - exclusive puppies with pedigree of the litter with excellent German and Nordic pedigree. Absolute foreignness lines. All medical tests, including blood tests before mating, above average thyroid function tests and heart and kidney. Deep relationship to the breed. ... Above standard conditions, clean environment. Health guarantees. Only for seriously interested people in his magnificent breed! Very fair price. For more ifo or photos, please, feel free to contact us on www.libami.cz, e-mail: libami@seznam.cz or linkynclova@gmail.com, tel: 00420774166016 !

Precio:800 €


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WWW enlace:http://www.libami.cz

michal kyncl
+420 777587649

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